Our Story

My name is Evan Kanter and I am the creator of Photo Tree. I wanted to share a story on how the original idea of Photo Tree came to be.

One day in 2021, my wife Sobina asked me a thought provoking question.. “Was there any video of my father that she could see.” My father had passed away over 20 years ago and she had of course never met him. I thought about this question, and remembered we had some old camcorder footage on cassettes, which I could try to find. It took me about an hour to locate these tapes, a VCR, a cassette converter, and all of the wires needed to see this video. We plugged everything into one of the newer state of the art TVs, and the picture was pretty tiny, but when we finally got this going, there was this great video of my father from his 50th birthday. She got to meet my father for the first time.. So Priceless!

I dug further, and started to uncover even more great photos and videos from that time. All in all I was able to find about 15-20 great camcorder movies that I wanted to convert. I had this excitement, that I had just uncovered some gold nuggets from our past.

But I also then started to wonder.. how can I share these priceless videos with my friends and family. The content was meant for a much smaller audience, maybe a handful of family and friends, but it was not really meant for the Facebooks and Instagrams of the world. It was mostly large files or a large quantity of pictures, mostly really private stuff, but such a cool thing to share with others who were there. These were gold nuggets for my friends and family too.

It was this main problem, that Photo Tree tried to solve. A way to share priceless photos and videos with just the few people I wanted to share them with. The private group approach we added to Photo Tree ultimately became the answer to this problem. A way to work with and share family pictures and old photos, just with a select few.

As we were building out this application, we realized that Photo Tree could be used for much more than that, including event based groups and big events like weddings. Also because the application was on our mobile phone, it could be used as a day to day sharing tool as well, with all of the images we take daily.

While developing this application, we tried to make it functionally useful, and focused on creating a smooth interface, one in which common tasks were automated to make it easy to add photos to the application.

To support more expensive video, and larger cloud storage needs, we added a premium service that could support it too. We look forward to hearing more ideas on how we can enhance this service in the future.

Thanks for reading all the way through my story. Our team is truly hoping after using Photo Tree, it will spark some interest in creating family photo albums of your own.

Thanks again for your interest in Photo Tree and our other mobile apps!

Evan Kanter
Photo Tree
Founder and Developer